TAGP 219: Healing From Anxiety – 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making

December 23, 2019

healing from anxiety

Healing from anxiety is no easy feat (most of the time). Every anxiety story is different and requires the right type of support, a targeted method for healing, and a relentless mindset from the sufferer. This relentlessness leads to opposing belief patterns to the original fear based ones about reality. Soon, a person may find themselves in a vulnerable position.

This vulnerability and uncertainty is an essential part of healing from anxiety.

Yes, courage is also a vital component to healing your emotional and mental health. Without the courage to stand up to your catastrophic thinking patterns, your parents beliefs (which ultimately became yours), and your habitual behaviours there can be no healing. This is because a persons emotional state is dependant on factors such as:

  • New ways of perceiving the situation (inner or outer)
  • The vocabulary they use and the way they express themselves to others
  • Avoidance vs progress based behaviours
  • Unconsciously imagining a future scenario vs consciously utilizing the imagination (emotional reframing)

Healing from anxiety is a two part game that is being misinterpreted today. This two part system to healing identifies the conscious and the subconscious aspects of change. Conscious, meaning what you do in moments of increased sensitivity. Subconscious, meaning do you truly understand how to communicate with this deeper mind and recognize the power of oxytocin saturation to amplify neuroplasticity.

The more oxytocin that floods the system the faster you’ll change your old anxious ways.

This is why during my sessions I bring up a lot of times in my clients life of when they were really excited over something they did. This good feeling combined with a deeper state of trance (hypnosis based techniques for healing from anxiety) has been one of the fastest ways to recover from what I’ve seen so far.

Don’t worry, I’ll be going deeper into all of these in todays anxiety guy podcast episode. For now, all you need to understand is that you’re making mistakes during your healing from anxiety. Once I bring these mistakes to your attention, hopefully you’ll become more mindful over them and alter a few things in your life.

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4 comments on “TAGP 219: Healing From Anxiety – 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making

  1. Stacy Mizrahi Jan 5, 2020

    Nodding my head on the vulnerability and uncertainty. Learning accept it is part of the mindfulness strategies that help your minds lean in and accept that which can not be managed.

  2. Viktoria Jan 6, 2020

    How should you think if you are in a situation where talking a walk, going to the grocery store, talking on the phone and driving a car cause strong anxiety and stress? When new acquaintances, going to work, hobbies and so on are not possible due to anxiety and stress? In many of the podcasts I´ve listened to and youtube videos I´ve seen, you talk about going about your day and not avoid things like spending time with people, going to meetings at work and so on. But what if you´re not there yet and it´s a long road to doing those things. What should you do then?

    • You should then recognize that this level of sensitivity is a result of childhood programming in the majority of people. Reframing past events through the process of emotional visualization can stimulate a change in perception over those past events. This causes a chain of events to occur leading to the adult in present time to unconsciously perceive these daily occurrences differently. In the end the anxiety program the magic frame and grey room exercises are both reframing process, along with the visual imagery sessions playlist on my YouTube channel.