TAGP 282: Why We Mustn’t Look To DEFEAT Anxiety

March 8, 2021

What if one shift in mindset could alter the course of your healing journey all together? Today we’ll look at the downfalls of looking to ‘defeat anxiety.’

The truth around this healing journey is that compassion and understanding must reign over instinct and aggression. Yes, we want to be relentless and consistent in applying what we are learning. But we want to see anxiety as a part of a system based around protection and unconditional love. To defeat anxiety would be to defeat a part of us simply looking to understand the differences between what is safe and what is threatening in todays world.

how to defeat anxiety

I call this the inner child, and to defeat anxiety is to defeat the inner child’s perceived ways of viewing reality.

Here are some of the solutions to counter the mindset to defeat anxiety:

  1. Cooperation and acceptance doesn’t mean passivity, it means active cooperation with thought, feeling, and energy, with the inner child. This YouTube video will clarify this idea further for you.
  2. Teach yourself via behavior and rising awareness the differences between real threat and imagined, along with the long term benefits of trusting in life.
  3. Soften up the wording you use with yourself and bring more awareness to what follows your ‘I am’s.’

These solutions go against a ‘defeat anxiety’ mindset and may feel unnatural at first.

That’s ok, since much of what you will be met with along this healing journey will feel unnatural and uncomfortable. With healing anxiety comes a slower pace of life, one where we become more observant rather than reactive. My hope is that todays anxiety guy podcast episode will clarify things for you and bring you greater understanding. Applying what we already know will bring us what we desire, inner peace.

Enjoy today’s podcast on shifting a defeat anxiety mindset and I can’t wait to connect with you personally through our communities Facebook Page.

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