TAGP 281: How To Prevent Anxiety (STATE BREAK)

March 1, 2021

How to prevent anxiety you may ask? Today we dive deep into ‘state breaking,’ a technique that will halt the cycle of anxiety from forming.

Prevention is always best. To lead our inner child (watch this YouTube video to understand this concept) towards safety rather than perceived threats that only exasperate anxiety. This will lead to a true feeling of control over our minds and feelings therefore we will steer clear of negative emotions. Of course, emotional reframing our past childhood traumas and rebuilding our torn relationships is also key to using todays method refereed to as state breaking.

Put these two together and you will truly begin understanding how to prevent anxiety from the start.

how to prevent anxiety

In my own anxiety recovery I’ve recognized the importance of specific tools to respond to unconscious or conscious fears, combined with reframing specifics from the past. When our attention is focused on these two areas within self care we are rewarded. These rewards aren’t so much connected to feeling better initially, but rather deeper insights as to what our suppressed emotions are connected to.

These insights are vital steps in the anxiety healing journey and must be noted.

As we mentally and emotionally mature we find our childlike sides again.

As a bi-product of learning how to prevent anxiety we rapidly find ourselves taking things less seriously. We replace our childish ways with childlike curiosity which in turn helps us to build a new understanding relationship with uncertainty. We no longer strive for control and familiarity. Rather, we are open to new experiences. We are no longer focused on ourselves so much but rather the big picture which is us.

Learning how to prevent anxiety can be messy, but it can also be very rewarding.

If these more naturally occurring feeling rewards aren’t present in your life yet, just keep going. Life has a funny way of giving us what we need at the time we need it. So there may be a lesson or two that you haven’t accepted yet which is preventing you from naturally feeling better. I believe in you and soon you will begin to believe in yourself and this journey as well.

Enjoy today’s podcast on understanding how to prevent anxiety more deeply and I can’t wait to connect with you personally through our communities Facebook Page.

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