10 Things I Wish I Heard During My Anxiety Disorder (VIDEO ATTACHED)

March 5, 2021
I woke up this morning with a deep desire to share with you some of the vital points from this weeks YouTube video. Why you may ask? Because during my anxiety disorder there were things that could have made my healing much swifter and I count have understood things better. Today, the one with growing insight and certainty in the anxiety healing journey will be you.
When I’m talking about the truth behind healing I’m talking about the reality of your true identity, the ability for you to grow new core beliefs, and the capability you have to see beyond fear therefore go beyond anxiety itself.

Let’s get to these vital points now so that my anxiety disorder can be a learning lesson for you.

10 Things I wish someone told me during my anxiety recovery:
  1. I’m allowed to change what I believe about anything 
  2. I don’t have to hide my anxiety from people
  3. I can slow down even when I instinctually wanted to speed up
  4. I don’t have to believe everything I feel
  5. It’s ok to be proud of myself no matter what
  6. I can in fact perceive my past experiences and relationships differently
  7. Anxiety is not weakness, it’s a sign of strength
  8. Suffering is suppression while freedom is expression (verbally, behaviorally, energetically)
  9. To see the world from the perspective of energy rather than things and matter, therefore understand what was causing my anxiety from an unconscious level
  10. Healing anxiety was not going to be a linear path, which is exactly the way it needed to be.
Let’s go even deeper into each below, and if you missed the video here it is:
#1) This message promotes self reliance and trust, two aspects of us that we must grow over time. This message says that we no longer have to believe what others believe. Rather, we can begin to associate new meaning to anything we come in contact with.

This would have been a great learning lesson for me during my anxiety disorder.

#2) Here we stop hiding and we start sharing. Sharing your anxiety healing journey doesn’t mean becoming a victim towards everyone you meet. It means opening up a part of you and allowing others in. Most people will reply with sympathy and many times valuable feedback, but it won’t happen until you start opening up and being proud of what you are moving beyond.
#3) Our instincts tell us to speed up, but our cognition or thinking capabilities gives us the opportunity to slow down. It’s no secret that anxious people think anxiety is normal, therefore they think that whatever coms with it is normal. As our to do lists get bigger and our pace of life gets faster we become more disoriented and less trusting in simply being. Remember, when you gain power over your instincts you open yourself up to the voice of your heart, your intuition. This is where your creativity lives.
#4) This is a hot topic in my book F*** Coping Start Healing. You may feel anxious for example but that may not necessarily mean that you are experiencing anxiety and possibly concerned about an upcoming threat. Rather, you could be excited? Giddy even! You could be proud of your progress and are experiencing a rush of adrenaline in which you are misinterpreting. Our brains filter system will look for the threat in the future before it looks for the safety.
my anxiety disorder

Because this is the case we must work with our feelings rather than let them lead us towards something that begun out of nothing.

5) Be proud of you and all you’ve gone through. You have emotional scars that you must wear proudly rather than look to hide from the world. When you feel proud of this journey you are on you begin enjoying the journey itself, and without enjoyment you cannot heal. This is an important note. Seriousness will halt your progress faster than anything. During my anxiety disorder I learned this lesson quickly and it changed everything for the better. 
6) Time does not heal the past. The subconscious mind and body hold onto an emotionally high experience until a time when the conscious mind can re-direct the focus and perception. This means that we heal our past through understanding how to shift an emotional association from fear to safety. We mustn’t wait for a result and therefore do the same things we’ve always done. We must allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones with courage and trust as we take on the journey of emotionally reframing the past one experience at a time. 
7) Anxiety is not something we want to live with. However, it is a sign of strength having to wake up each morning and face a feeling, a thought, or an emotion that many others have never dealt with. The strength we have within us truly shines through when we commit to healing. This is when we are face to face with the very blocks we must see beyond to get to a place of inner peace.
8) To suffer is to keep in (knowingly and unknowingly), while freedom is to let out. This should provide you with a deep sense of gratitude since you have the ability to begin expressing yourself starting today. Take for example a reframing process, when we reframe a past experience we are speaking and doing what we wish we could have but couldn’t from back in our childhood. When we utilize the imagination and emotion we re-organize our belief systems at the deepest levels causing a domino effect of positive energy.

My anxiety disorder healing journey will be different than yours but the result will be the same, total peace and gratitude in the end. 

9) When it comes to energy you don’t have to be a scientist to be able to benefit from this new perspective. Everything has a frequency, a vibration, and some of these vibrations are negative while others are positive. Our feelings and emotions are connected to this output of energy along with putting out the type of feelings and emotions we want more of. Nothing is as it seems at the surface, rather, everything is dependent on what takes place on the inside. Move your focus towards seeing energy and you’ll begin understanding the inner workings of people and this reality.
10) My final point is that anxiety healing is messy and it needs to be this way. There is growth and emotional maturity taking place with every small step we take beyond our anxious feelings. We are learning what no one could ever teach us and we are finding ourselves, our true selves once again. This is a beautiful journey, see it that way and you’ll be open to the next step soon. 
Now I’m fulfilled 🙂 I’ve been able to show you what you need to see and hear and for that I thank you. You are more than anxiety and together, as a community, we will meet with that realization at a heart level very soon.

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4 comments on “10 Things I Wish I Heard During My Anxiety Disorder (VIDEO ATTACHED)

  1. Just recently found your health anxiety podcast and have been listening to all the episodes in my free time. Same with your Youtube channel. It’s the first time I’ve come across someone who seemed genuine about the experience and know what people are truly going through.

    While listening, I started to realize many things about myself that have never shown themselves before. Things from my past, my childhood, that I guess have lead me here into my 50s.

    If I’m not fretting about something with health, then it’s just something else in life. I overthink everything. Everything is a worst case scenario. I’ll even look for something bad in a time when everything is good. And that is the cycle I’m trying to break. I’ve tried medication in the past but it just made me feel like an unfeeling functional zombie. This is just no way I want to go through life anymore. When I think of all the time and brainpower I’ve wasted to this nonsense, it makes me angry.

    I’m looking forward to this journey. It’s long overdue.

  2. steven solomon Jul 30, 2021

    Article is based on that man which is describing his story is brave and fearless because he not hide his story and that problems which he beared..

  3. Mental Health Services California Aug 11, 2021

    Thanks for sahring such an informative blog. It is really helpful for those who are suffering from anxiety or other mental health issues. this really inspires me a lot. Keep it up!