TAGP 317: How Your Default Emotional State Perpetuates Your Anxiety

November 8, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself what emotional state you default to during times of uncertainty and mental neutrality? Today is the day we get to know you better at an unconscious level, enjoy!

Show notes below:

What is your default emotional state, and how does this perpetuate your anxiety?

emotional state

This is the emotional state you unconsciously revert to most often throughout the day, and has become a vital element within your identity. A place of safety whether it’s on the positive or negative side of the scale. A place that is more challenging to update then it appears.

Many of us are realizing that there was nothing wrong with us this whole time!

I thought this was important to add to this episode of the anxiety guy podcast. Simply because often anxiety sufferers place a tremendous amount of guilt upon themselves for the inner world they’re in. I hope these words resonate with you and speak to your heart, because they are truth.

Here are some of the emotional states we discuss in todays episode:

  • Irritability: Deeply means “I’m lacking certainly in my life and don’t want to lose more control over my life than I already have.”
  • Fear and being afraid: Deeply means “I’m not comfortable with the unknown, the uncertainty of not knowing is affecting me.”
  • Aggressive and rage full: Means “I’ve been done wrong in some way, I never deserved what happened to me.”
  • Neutral and open minded? Means “I see the world through the lease of compassion, no matter what.”
  • Grateful and positive? Means “There is a potential to heal anything at anytime, and I am optimistic about my own life and the future of humanity.”

Changing this default emotional state is no different than approaching a stranger. Your survival or reptilian brain will do everything in its power to pull you away from this new interaction.

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