TAGP 318: 3 Major Parts To Healing An Anxiety Disorder For Good

November 15, 2021

Healing an anxiety disorder demands a focus on these 3 important aspects of your mental health. Apply with repetition and a full heart and soon you will become more than anxiety:

Below I will take a few moments to review what I discuss in this episode of the anxiety guy podcast. These three aspects of healing an anxiety disorder must be understood and implemented in order to be effective. As you go deeper into the works of all 3 you will intuitively be brought towards the next understanding, and the next practice that is necessary for that chapter in your healing.

healing an anxiety disorder

  1. Unconscious learning – Meditation, hypnotic exercises such as reframing (use this YouTube playlist daily), applications such as affirmations during sleep time.
  2. Cognitive learning – Studying content like this and note taking, reading books and reviewing, thinking rather than reacting.
  3. Physiological, Verbal, and Behavioral application – Body language, vocabulary, flooding or systematic desensitization when it comes to exposure work.

“Progress isn’t always visible, so be gentle on yourself and keep going.”

When it comes to unconscious learning, the first aspect we dive into in today’s episode, we’re talking about communicating with the deeper parts of you. These parts hold onto your past traumas and would rather warn you of them through anxiety symptoms so that the lesson will always be kept close to you.

Cognitive learning, the second part of your healing has to do with activating your Neo Cortex.

This is the thinking part of your brain and has the power to over-ride the survival and emotional parts if utilized often and properly. A key aspect to rational thinking and going Beyond Anxiety.

Finally, we have our words and body.

Eliminating certain self victimizing words, replacing them, and acting on them in order to strengthen these new ideas is crucial. Also, if we want to alter the feelings in our body we must show the body we are safe, our traumas are over, and we get the lesson. This can be done through empowerment over fear.

Posture, conscious breathing patterns, and proper exposure work will have positive impacts on your mental health and lead to healing an anxiety disorder for good.

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