TAGP 316: How Self Control Truly Reflects On Your Anxiety Levels

November 1, 2021

Self control goes hand in hand with your levels of anxiety. This is why I’ve placed so much importance on today’s podcast episode, enjoy my friends:

No self control means you are led, but never lead where your emotional state and life is headed.

self control

Here are some of the important aspects of everyday life that dictates your level of self control. The greater your mindfulness around these aspects the better your chances are to shift old habits to new ones:

  • Sleep patterns: First 20 minutes upon waking up, last 20 minutes prior to bed, amount of sleep and wake time (here’s a YouTube video that will help greatly).
  • Diet: Knowing your nutritional deficiencies, which I believe can be understood not only through proper testing but through intuition and a good mood journal. How often and what is eaten? Please pay very close attention to this aspect of self control.

“Remember, inner Balance leads to inner healing.”

  • Stimulation/temptation: The dopamine boost led lifestyle where temporary highs only bring you full circle back to the addiction to suffering. “Desire is the root of all suffering”, the Buddha reminds us. Therefore we must pay attention to what we are looking forward to and recognize how much it plays a part within the big picture of our lives.
  • Present internal and external perceptions: Genuinely, what kinds of associations have you made within your own identity as well as with people, places, experiences you go through in the world? The perceptions you hold within what’s taking place in the present moment will dictate your level of self control and your levels of anxiety you experience.
  • Perceptions over the past: Have your past traumas turned into learned experiences? Have you forgiven? How much rage still exists in the body?
  • Connections: Who do you regularly connect with and how have they affected your emotional state and overall life experience?

Physiological control plays a big part in your self control and anxiety levels. These mainly come down to 3 parts: Your speed, posture, and breathing patterns. If you’ve worked towards getting these 3 aspects of physiological control under your control, many other things will fall into the same parasympathetic led outcomes.

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