TAGP 213: 5 Ways To Love Yourself More And End Anxiety In 2020

November 11, 2019

end anxiety in 2020

What I know for sure is that there will be a lot of people worldwide creating a New Years resolution to end anxiety in 2020. Of course, we should be taking the much needed steps sooner rather than later and many of these steps lead straight to what’s been truly lacking in a person’s life, which is self love.

Self love is to care for and love yourself more than anyone or anything. To end anxiety in 2020 a person must begin feeling this transition happening daily.

Key word in that last sentence, transition. It really is a transition. Because there are a lot of people in the world that don’t like themselves much (and this inner rage can easily lead to symptoms like depersonalization). The labels and feelings related to guilt pile up, and over time the person feels inferior to everyone else. There’s nothing moral about inferiority either, you’re simply living as the artificial version of your true self each and everyday (this recent interview on YouTube goes deep into this).

Self love, in this case must be conditioned in until you can look into the mirror and pick out all your good points. I’m not solely talking about your physical attributes either. Your courageous efforts to renew your mental health and your actions should be identified and celebrated.

You come first. I know that many people understand this but your actions must match your thoughts if you are to end anxiety in 2020.

Be honest with yourself, are your actions following your desires? You desire to end anxiety in 2020 but what kind of daily habits fall into line with these new ways of thinking? Designing your new identity and overcoming anxiety means to think, feel, act, imagine, and speak your truth.

The biggest roadblock to healing anxiety though isn’t in the lack of the right information, the drive, the patience etc, it comes down to the fear of change. The fear of change creates an inability to maintain positive change. Anxiety sufferers consciously and unconsciously sabotage their own healing journey because worry comes with a certain amount of safety feelings.

Worry is a habit, nothing more, anxiety warriors in the transition understand this.

It neither keeps you safe from your fears nor is it attached to you as an identity. It’s something you have done repeatedly which gives the illusion of thinking it comes with some value to an anxiety sufferer. This is the biggest challenge you will face to end anxiety in 2020. To let the old you die and go away, and to welcome in the new you.

This new you believes in a life without struggle and self punishment. That’s not what we’re told though. In todays world we fight everything and everyone. We fight to get in front of the next person in line, and we fight to keep our relationships alive that we believe fulfills us. Little do we realize that what we already have in our lives is enough, and our relationships demand further love, and less ego.

Life is simple, and yet we make it complicated. I hear some people on my Facebook group page say how hard change is. To that I say what if you began telling yourself that it was easy instead? What if your brain heard this new direction as many times daily, what would happen then? And when you do start feeling better, will the discomfort and change be too big of a leap for you?

The only person that holds you back from overcoming anxiety is you, nothing and no one else.

We can stop blaming our therapist, friends, the drugs, the supplements, the techniques, the environment, the city, everything. We need a little less sugar coating and talking ourselves out of anxiety recovery, and more depth and truth. Depth in the form of recognizing when anxiety began and why we attach ourselves to it, and truth in terms of understanding the sacrifices you must make to better your mental health now.

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