TAGP 212: The Effects Of Stress On Your Organs And What You Must Do About It

November 4, 2019


Did you know that each organ in your body has its own set of consciousness? That’s right, and we communicate with those organs through our emotional states, our thoughts, the words we express and more. This kind of mindfulness doesn’t get practiced enough by people which in turn leads to the failing of certain organs within the body.

We Must Begin To Take The Effects Of Stress On Our Organ Systems Very Seriously

I used to believe that stress and anxiety was just a daily part of life. I thought over-worry, suffering, and fighting through the day was what everyone did, so I did the same. But could it be possible to live an internal life that’s different than the norm? I think so. But what gets in the way is what’s become habitual for us which comes right back to stress based patterns.

We can learn how to communicate with our organ systems and take the time to understand them better. Imagine knowing which traumatic memory is attached to which organ, or which emotion is being repressed where in the body. This information is priceless as it gives us a road map to healing.

Since perceptual shifts lead to emotional shifts our main priority should be to perceive what we fear differently

Many people only think that stress affects the brain and our ways of thinking. But the latest studies as well as personal feedback from people going through my programs tell us that the effects of stress can certainly affect different parts of the body as well. You may think it was the weather, or the exercise, or the lack of sleep that is causing this inner bodily strain (and it could very well be so), however it most likely has to do with the accumulation of mental and emotional stress.

This is why it’s vitally important to understand the different types of stress in todays world. We must communicate safety to our bodies (reframing through this YouTube playlist will help as well) and lessen the effects of stress from day to day events. This is where we’re headed today on the anxiety guy podcast. Enjoy the episode below, and remember that you are always more than anxiety.

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2 comments on “TAGP 212: The Effects Of Stress On Your Organs And What You Must Do About It

  1. Wendy Jun 25, 2020

    Hi my name is Wendy. I have had anxiety/health anxiety all my life I’m 57 and have had 3 diverticulitis attacks in the last year. One was perforated and I was septic. Because of my health anxiety I have a horrible time healing! It looks as though I’m going to have to have surgery now. I’m scared to death I will either get a blood clot or a horrible infection and I will have panic the entire time I’m trying to heal. This in turn keeps me from resting and eating and I get sicker. In fact the surgeon didn’t want to do the surgery until I could get my mind set right. Now it looks as though it needs to happen sooner than later. I am my worst enemy. I can’t take antidepressants at all. So it’s up to me to get it together quickly. I’ve been watching you for some time on you tube and think your amazing! If you can help me out in anyway I would be forever grateful.

    Thank you
    Wendy Metherd

    • Wedny, I would highly recommend starting one of the programs because the structure is essential towards healing. Many times when someone begins experiencing the little internal wins they build momentum and can at that point take on the journey on their own.