TAGP 106: Can Health Anxiety Lead To An Actual Physical Illness?

March 5, 2018

“Thoughts Are Only One Component On The Road To Manifestation.”

Many worried health anxiety sufferers believe that the amount of thinking over a physical illness will manifest it into their lives. I’ve been there, anxiously going back and forth in my mind like a hectic tennis match wondering if these ruminative thoughts will one day turn around and bite me in the butt!

“I Was Completely Convinced That The Worst Possible Scenario Was Inevitable.”

health anxiety and physical illness

In fact, I convinced everyone around me as well that my thinking would lead to something physically serious and I actually

planned everything around my future illness. A mind numbing adventure it truly was, I had a great imagination and was using it in all the wrong ways, much like many health anxiety sufferers today.

In this episode of the anxiety guy podcast I share the many components to creating something internally and externally in someone’s life. Many health anxiety sufferers quickly understand that thoughts are important, but there is more to it than just thoughts.

The Twisted And Confusing World Of Health Anxiety Cannot Manifest A Physical Problem On The Basis Of Just Thoughts

With further clarity and understanding through the anxiety guy resources as well as the current #1 CBT based program for health anxiety you’re well on your way to desensitization. What is desensitization? It’s living in a world where you become dissociated from the symptoms that are currently bothering you.

When one can turn from repressing and acting on the feedings of anxiety to becoming an observer, desensitization happens and what comes with it is a whole new belief system. One that promotes a new way of seeing yourself and the world around you. Life becomes much less painful and easier to manage.

In Episode #106 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We’re Going To Understand:

  • What components contribute to manifesting a physical illness
  • How health anxiety sufferers are using their imagination wrongly
  • How your current beliefs can dramatically change starting today

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3 comments on “TAGP 106: Can Health Anxiety Lead To An Actual Physical Illness?

  1. mohanned Mar 6, 2018

    hi dennis… sometimes i think high anxiety realy will affect my health my heart my body.. or going to happen .. i know its all one misinterpretation of symptoms or one thought..i have now constant fear in my bed in toillte everywhere i know by misinterpretation anxiety symptoms i made my mind become fearfull .. i know tht.. now cannot switch it off.. i need to let go wht i feel from fear and symptoms.. doctor told anxiety can lead to high blood pressiure heart disease tht wht he told.. but i know its bluff he wanted to scare me bcz he was pushing me to take anti anxiety.. doctor he dont get the idea tgt anti anxiety will just makr it worse side effects and addiction and ruining something else in body.. i know it will never happen real illnes bcz anxiety ..its body masseges and negative energy being released

    • When you can become an observer of
      The symptoms knowing that the body will always over-run the symptoms of anxiety to bring back to a neutral level, the identity will shift. It’s all about the meaning we place on the sensations of anxiety.