TAGP 41: The Winning Mindset & Strategy Behind My Health Anxiety Recovery

December 5, 2016
health anxiety recovery guide

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“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

80% of creating any change in your life is your mindset, 20% is the strategy you use. This is where many people suffering from health anxiety (hypochondria) go wrong. Looking for a winning strategy that has proven to work for others is good, but a winning mindset will keep you on track. Why?

Because Your Unconscious Mind Will Always Look To Default Back To What Was Familiar

Because of how our minds work, setback are inevitable, they should be expected. Even with health anxiety recovery. The other issue that people have with health anxiety recovery is they don’t recognize that their unconscious minds hold the key to their core beliefs. When an event or situation occurs the unconscious mind is always the first to respond.

That’s The Golden Nugget When It Comes To Health Anxiety Recovery, Right There

People today can’t be blamed for their condition. I mean who ever taught you how to deal with this kind of stuff? Certainly not your parents or teachers. Most of us were taught to avoid pain, not solve it or move towards it. There lies the reason for the self fulfilling prophecies we create in our daily lives.

Here’s What We Will Be Learning In Episode #41 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • The Paw & Grow acronyms that will be your guide to health anxiety recovery
  • How a maintenance approach to your mental health is key
  • The moment I recognized I was lessening my anxiety levels

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