TAGP 43: My Life Changing Habits That Will Break Your Anxious Patterns

December 19, 2016

life changing habits for anxiety“Successful People Are Simply Those With Successful Habits.”

The world must not run you, you must run you. In episode #43 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I want to share some of the life changing habits I picked up, and still do to this day. Deep down I never believed in this idea of motivation. I believe that when you implement certain habits and rituals into your life with the end goal in mind, drive shows up in your life.

When You Have A Deep Drive To Succeed, The World Is Yours

So I encourage you to listen to this podcast episode with an open mind. What you don’t want to do, is listen to this episode and quickly move on to your next latte at Starbucks. Study the material, why? Because it worked for me, it’s working for others I work with 1 on 1, and it will work for you.

The thing about these life changing habits is that it leads to self counselling

They help you identify a real vs imagined cause of anxiety. When feelings come up, we start to think catastrophically such as “i’m gonna die,” or “i’m going to embarrass myself.” The better you get at these new habits, the quicker you will identify those thought patterns that keep you in a cycle of panic and anxiety.

In this episode you will gain a deeper understanding on:

  • What separates people who cope with chronic anxiety from the people who move past it
  • How this 1 powerful life changing habit can change your life
  • The quickest way to stay driven towards one of your life goals

Please download and share this episode with others who are in need of help for anxiety.

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6 comments on “TAGP 43: My Life Changing Habits That Will Break Your Anxious Patterns

  1. Chelsea Dec 19, 2016

    I do not experience health anxiety but i’ve experienced a lot of anxiety related to a new relationship. Your podcasts have really encouraged me to look at my ways of thinking and how often i resort to the negative pathways. In combination with therapy and repetition of your podcasts I am slowly working on a better outlook and learning to be more optimistic and grounded. Up till now I have attached meaning to most of my emotions and thoughts as true facts. The podcasts have really been helping me put my thoughts and emotions into perspective. I’m now asking myself “is this true?” For most of the negative worry that comes into mind. it really spoke to me when you said that “thinking is a conscious choice.” I still get stuck but I immediately resort to a podcast and remind myself that I have the choice on what I want to think about and how I want to feel. Thank you for these podcasts they are helping me a lot!!

    • So very grateful Chelsea. Many people like your past self have learned to believe that things happen to them, and don’t recognize the choices they have in any given moment. You have a great approach to eliminating your irrational thoughts that cause your anxiety, with you every step.

  2. jason Dec 20, 2016

    Hey Dennis i must say your inspiration is so awsome another excellent podcast and yes it is overwelling with everything coming at you all at once and id like to say i usual get stuck everyday trying to put this stuff into practice its like do this do that and your like were do i begin its allmost like your wanting a coach to say well this is what you should try today this is what i what you to do torrow i hope this didnt sound silly its a little hard putting into words thanks again

  3. Sammy Jan 5, 2017

    I feel like most people, including myself, just cope with it when it isn’t something you have to accept for the rest of your life. I know that even though I have spent over 15 years dealing with it. I feel like so much of your information here has helped me better understand the cycles I constantly put myself in and I do truly feel like I can finally defeat this and be free from it!