TAGP 302: Help With Addictions Centred Around Your Anxiety Disorder (IMPORTANT)

July 26, 2021

Anxiety sufferers need help with addictions, but many of them aren’t aware of what they are yet. Today I will open your mind up to the truth behind your anxiety disorder, the truth behind your current anxious state.

When we think about an addiction many of us only think about substance. But the truth is there is another form of addiction working below the level of conscious awareness that is pulling you into a world that feels real but only keeps you farther away from living a creative life, away from anxiety. When we start to gain inner help with addictions connected to our anxiety we realize how much of what we do are actions, but not identity. Doing but not being.

Tapping into inner help with addictions takes us one step closer to understanding our anxious selves.

help with addictions anxiety

Here are a few notes from today’s anxiety guy podcast episode for you to understand more deeply:

  • All inner addictions have a subconscious motivation behind them, a reason to maintain an action because it serves a purpose or fulfills a need.
  • These addictions are habits that have become a part of our everyday life which keep us from seeing the truth about things and only perpetuates our anxiety.
  • Be honest with yourself. The act of bringing an inner addiction to your conscious awareness begins to create curiosity and lessens the strength that irrational fear holds.

How wonderful it can be for an anxiety sufferer when they’ve made that first heartfelt perceptual change. When they open themselves up to seeing their anxiety symptoms (explained in this YouTube Video), a troublesome situation, a person, a past experience or anything differently.

The biggest thing we lack with anxiety is empowerment. We must gain power back from our unconscious sides.

I invite you to let the teachings in today’s anxiety guy podcast episode on help with addictions guide you.

Let them guide you to new inner territory, new insights that lead to taking the next step you need to on the anxiety recovery ladder. Love you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your anxiety healing journey.

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