TAGP 303: 3 Simple Techniques To Halt Anxiety In The Moment

August 2, 2021

It is certainly possible to halt anxiety and the momentum it gathers within mind and body. However, you’ll need a few powerful techniques for anxiety to do so, and here they are…

During my years living with an anxiety disorder (my story on YouTube) I relied heavily on gathering outside information and knowledge in the hopes that a shift would occur within me. I truly was afraid to heal, afraid to change, and afraid to take responsibility for my GAD and health anxiety. I realized that I needed to equip myself with some skills, more specifically some ‘responding’ skills as I like to call them.

Because without them we will solely be relying on a miracle, which is fine. But miracles do only occur when we do our part to heal anxiety.

halt anxiety

To halt anxiety you must master the art of responding.

Responding simply refers to having the awareness to recognize when your unconscious sides are looking too take over a situation, and implement a conscious response. This ‘taking over’ refers to perception, action, imagination, and any other way our protective sides can interfere in a situation. This is all fine, in fact our unconscious sides make life much more efficient for us in the short term.

However the vast majority of the time this efficiency seeking side of us needs an update in what it believes about ourselves and the world, and that’s where our conscious minds come in.

Life is different when you’re truly healing your anxiety, much different.

Prepare for the ride of your life because it truly is a journey.

An inner journey in fact, one that demands an open mind towards others perceptions and an open heart towards your intuitive guidance. In today’s anxiety guy podcast episode we will halt anxiety together. This will turn you into an observer rather than a reactor towards your inner fears and irrational stories. With practice you will truly master yourself and become more than anxiety.

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