TAGP 280: Can We Become Addicted To Anxiety?

February 22, 2021

Many people never consider the idea of becoming addicted to anxiety. Today we’re going to get brutally honest with ourselves and our anxiety disorders.

Why do we become addicted to anxiety in the first place? If you look at change work, why do people put in such great self help efforts only to never be met with the results they deserve? The answer to those questions are rooted within the subconscious mind, the inner child mind.

The addiction to suffering is the addiction to anxiety.

The inner child’s perspective and beliefs are far different than those of our adult more developed and experienced minds. The inner child has had experiences growing up and information fed to it that’s connected to a need to suffer. A need to suffer you ask? That is correct.

You see, our inner child doesn’t know the difference between what’s good and bad for us. It only goes by the template that we developed about ourselves and life from childhood. This template holds within it what we are capable of, whether we are deserving of love, what the real interpretation of love is, and many other emotional associations.

Anxiety is a means to an end, a core belief that is being fulfilled, an experience that the inner child believes is necessary.

This is why inner child work is so important in healing anxiety and ending the cycle of becoming addicted to anxiety (this Youtube video explains). We cannot rely on positive thinking, logical thinking, or hoping that our feelings towards things change on their own. We must understand how to guide the inner child (subconscious mind) towards new perceptions and beliefs and in todays anxiety guy podcast episode we will begin this process together.

Enjoy today’s podcast on understanding how we can become addicted to anxiety more deeply and I can’t wait to connect with you personally through our new Facebook Page.

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