TAGP 270: Inner Child vs Adult Mind – Understanding The Conflict Better

December 14, 2020

When an anxiety sufferer first comes in contact with the concept of ‘the inner child’ and how it connects to the subconscious mind, it can be a little bewildering. This bewilderment however should never lead you away from a deeper understanding. Rather, the curiosity within you must build from moment to moment as will be the case after listening to todays anxiety guy podcast episode below.

The inner child has unconditional love for you which can lead to exaggerated reactions.

What reactions specifically? Once we connect our core beliefs connected to our past traumatic experiences which connect to our feelings, bodily responses, intrusive thoughts, we begin to get a feel for the inner child. I always thought I was just one of me, a singular identity with a handful of connecting parts. I was wrong, very wrong. Many times we think that just because an experience is in our past that it’s out of our lives, out of our bodies, out of our belief systems. This is untrue.

They are very much still alive within and are playing out in your life in very sneaky ways. The inner child prioritizes your traumatic and challenging memories more readily than your pleasant and happy ones. Safety is priority #1 for the inner child, happiness is #2. So we must begin respecting the perceptions of reality coming from this side of us and begin working with all the results of these perceptions consciously.

inner child

The war and anxiety going on within you can lead to peace.

It must lead to peace. In my programs especially in the inner circle program I remind people that when they begin treating their inner child the same way they treat their own kids (with love and understanding) they will be free from anxiety and much more. A whole new world begins opening up to them. A world that detaches from the addiction to suffering and one that attaches to living life in a flow state.

This flow state doesn’t blend well with the inner child initially because it doesn’t respect the idea that life has its immediate threats. Keeping you safe is the number 1 priority for the inner child, hence the level of anxiety and how symptomatic you may be feeling right now in your life. Your body doesn’t hate you, it’s signalling potential threats in the outside world and letting you know which repressed emotions are still building up within.

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