TAGP 271: 10 Facts About Hypochondria And Anxiety You Must Understand

December 21, 2020

Hypochondria and anxiety can potentially ruin not only the sufferers life but their supporters lives as well. A windy path led my debilitating bodily and cognitive symptoms. We do however have the potential to reverse this unhelpful trend through a deeper understanding and continued clarity around our inner challenges, and in this anxiety guy podcast episode we will be doing just that.

No matter where you are in your hypochondria and anxiety healing journey know that you’re just where you need to be. I say that because people don’t change until they’ve suffered enough, and once they’ve suffered enough they are then willing to sacrifice their unhelpful habits and look deeper. As we look deeper we understand ourselves better and come to a realization over what we haven’t let go of. Past traumas, emotions we haven’t expressed or dealt with, unforgiveness towards ourselves and others, blame, guilt, the addiction to suffering, so much clarity can be tapped into in a short period off time.

Motivation won’t do it, inspiration is a little better because many of the messages do come with an action that must be implemented. However, in an ideal hypochondria and anxiety healing journey the pathway must be set by us, along with our new lifestyle habits. Reframing to release what we need to from our past (this YouTube playlist will help when consistently applied), responding in order to respond to fear effectively in the moment, and meditation to receive the wisdom that will take us even deeper are just a few of the daily actions we must take in order to find ourselves again.

hypochondria and anxiety

Hypochondria and anxiety is not a life sentence.

Sometimes a reminder of this is essential. Simply because it can feel like that when you are in the thick of things. The days of unconsciously attaching to the addiction to some form of suffering are over. As a replacement we are moving towards turning the volume of life down, in turn finding inner peace and contentment and gratitude with where we are and what we already have.

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