TAGP 224: The Biggest Morning Mistake Leading To That Anxiety Feeling

January 27, 2020

morning anxiety feeling

I’m sure you’re already quite familiarized with that anxiety feeling you get in the morning. You wake up initially feeling refreshed, followed by thinking and feeling your way into an anxiety mood that takes over the whole day.

I’ve been there, many of us have, the question is why?

Why is it that through our best intentions and actions we still experience that morning anxiety feeling constantly?

The answer may come as a surprise as you listen to the full anxiety guy episode below. What I can say however is that one shift in mindset can change everything. When you take the time to recognize how this one unconscious habit is affecting you, changes will appear.

That morning anxiety feeling has the potential to turn all our positive perceptions into negative thoughts. Things we once viewed as neutral and pleasant no longer are. The goal is always to become more and more disinterested in the negative intrusive thoughts, coupled with experiencing a moment of stress, not a lifetime of anxiety.

The most challenging part to healing this morning anxiety feeling is execution.

It’s easy to understand something, it’s harder to apply that understanding. Why you ask? Because the brain is very resistant to change. The subconscious mind will stop at nothing to fulfill your subconscious programs related to self punishment and inferiority. This is what we’re up against.

This subconscious mind (and body) can change it’s ways though, if we can just understand how. The two keys are action (coupled with emotion) and repetition. Once you adopt a new mindset you must repeat this mindset consistently as you emotionally become more and more attached to it.

Next, it’s about repetition. What’s repeated gets stored at the deepest levels of you. Anxiety is no accident. Anxiety has been consciously and unconsciously practiced until the patterns become automatic. But just as anxiety has been so automatic in your life, so can inner peace.

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2 comments on “TAGP 224: The Biggest Morning Mistake Leading To That Anxiety Feeling

  1. I really appreciate that you tackle morning anxiety in this episode — mornings truly do set the tone for the whole day. Starting your day in a rush, glued to a phone screen, without taking a moment to check in with yourself is a recipe for disaster … I hadn’t thought about it in terms of the inner child, so thank you for that perspective. It’s can be hard to differentiate when it’s time to accept or reject thoughts, because they’re all in the same place — my head. Like realizing that some of them are intrusive and some of them are trustworthy…they all feel like me even if they aren’t.