TAGP 223: 5 Best Anxiety And Mental Health Apps For 2020

January 20, 2020

best mental health apps

We live in an app crazy world which is why it’s important to have some powerful mental health apps on your device. Let’s be honest, whether you’re on a bus, train, boat or any other form of transformation most people are on their devices.

Some may say our social lives are dead. I wouldn’t go that far, but what is truly important is what’s taking up our focus during ‘down time.’

Mental health apps that promote self discovery and calm the nervous system can be a great tool towards healing.

So let’s not negatively over-generalize the mobile world we live in just yet. We can use it to our advantage which was a key ‘light bulb’ moment I encountered during my anxiety disorder recovery. For a long time I just did what others told me to do, and spent time doing things that others did.

That didn’t work very well.

We are unique individuals and anxiety and mental health challenges are just an opportunity to thrive. We all have our challenges, and anxiety is yours. When you think about it that way it’s not so bad. Of course, I’ll take into consideration that everyone suffers at different scales and has for different lengths, but in the end the war will be won.

These 5 mental health apps for 2020 will get you back on track, promise!

Bold statement Dennis.

Well, I’ll just say that it will get you on track IF you open yourself up to them and if you use them daily. That’s right, daily. I can sense the initial dopamine rush fuelled with great reward flooding your brain now saying “Yes, I Can Do That!” Followed by all the reasons why it will be hard.

Stick to the first part, the desperation in your mind and body to heal. In order to meet with the anxiety healing journey you must re-prioritize your priorities. That means you! The biggest reason people stay suck suffering from anxiety and other mental health challenges is they are not priority 1. Everyone and everything else is.

These mental health apps are not miracles. You won’t be floating out of your anxiety over night. Although, I have heard cases of ‘miracles’ over anxiety through the exercises within my anxiety recovery programs.

Anxiety is only a life sentence if you choose to think , speak, do, and imagine the same way you currently are.

I bursted your bubble I know, but that’s ok. Tough love is a part of healing.

The best metaphor I can think of when beginning to apply these mental health apps into your life is thinking of them as a cold lake of water. You’re about to jump into that lake and swim, but it’s cold and you shiver when you put your feet in.

Diving right into that cold lake of water would create a physiological backlash. Your body won’t be pleased and neither will your mind. However, it’s the fastest way towards healing. If you tippy toe into the cold lake of water you’ll think your way out of it and eventually scatter back to shore to get a towel (back to coping, here’s the difference between coping and recovering from anxiety).

You must feel vulnerable, bring some tools with you in the moment, and tap into your courageousness for change to show up. On this anxiety healing journey compassion is also a critical component. When applying these mental health apps you may feel like you’re wasting your time and not doing a good job. To that I say…

Treat yourself the same way you would treat your own kids when they share their fears with you, and you’ll be free from anxiety.

Imagine that level of compassion, patience, and love. That’s your roadmap and you can either choose to walk it while leaving the healing process to nature, or you can force healing onto you by ‘trying’ and ‘hoping’ until you run out of brain and body juice.

Choose long term, always.

These mental health apps are the best you’ll find in 2020 from what I’ve seen and used myself. They are exactly what an anxiety suffer needs to uncover their reasons for anxiety. This journey into self discovery will take you towards many new epiphanies, so write them down when they arise in a daily journal.

In general, we want to limit our time on our mobile device and leave space to focus on the external. There’s much to see, hear, feel, taste and smell, and these senses must be consciously re-trained.

Anxiety sufferers need to re-train their awareness around their senses. Smiling, laughter, bodily contact, and a new beneficial vocabulary are all aspects to re-condition in.

Make today and this podcast episode a big step towards mastering your mental health. Bettering your emotional and mental state is possible, but the journey ahead must come with an open mind. When you open your mind to new potential options in the moment of fear you’re no longer reacting unconsciously, but responding consciously.

This, is a big step forward.

Since you were brought to this state through conscious and unconscious conditioning, you can also take yourself to new and better heights. You don’t have to live by the rules of your parents anymore. That inner child within feels the need to be perfect and that’s not right.

Perfectionism and control are over-rated.

We believe we need to become perfect to meet our needs and need total control over each aspect of our lives so that we won’t be surprised. Leave this conditioning with the ones who gave it to you. Love them for trying to provide the lessons, and become more than anxiety starting today.

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2 comments on “TAGP 223: 5 Best Anxiety And Mental Health Apps For 2020

  1. I like how practical your approach to anxiety is. It’s amazing how changing your body language and practicing smiling can change our thoughts…There is so much that can be done to physically and mentally address our habits. Also: iBreathe sounds like a really calming app, thank you for the recommendation.