TAGP 273: A New Year’s Resolution To Become Anxiety Free

January 4, 2021

Many anxiety sufferers will be setting a new year’s resolution in 2021 to become anxiety free. The question is, did you set one last year as well and how well did that actually work out? Many lessons will be learned in today’s anxiety guy podcast episode, and the path forward will truly be paved for you.

A New Year’s Resolution Is Just The Starting Point In Healing Anxiety

New Years resolution to become anxiety free

To start this year off on the right foot we must clear up a few misconceptions when it comes to anxiety recovery:

  • Relying on doing more for yourself and learning more about anxiety doesn’t always mean better. In fact, many times it backfires because the quality of your self mastery work drops.
  • Lessons over past setbacks must be learned (Reframe Your Setbacks Through This YouTube Video Daily), but also the application of new habits must be emphasized.
  • Your support group can support your new year’s resolution to become anxiety free but they can’t do the work for you.
  • Without a set plan to follow daily you will revert back to old habits that spur on the fight or flight response again.
  • No matter where you are in your healing journey you’re exactly where you need to be to start moving forward.

These principles are a good starting point around your new year’s resolution to become anxiety free. This journey demands both wisdom from the inside along with information and knowledge from others. To attain the wisdom you must trust in it as it intuitively arises, this is a key piece to overcoming anxiety the right way. This is how trust is built in your own capabilities along with the changes that are always happening in and around us.

Trust Comes With A Sense Of ‘Letting Go’ And Without Trust There Can Be No Progress

The magic ingredient is trust. Look back on all the times you committed to a new year’s resolution to become anxiety free only to fear your unfamiliar and unknown future. With anxiety we know what to expect, we hang onto what we have. With healing we must become open to not knowing, not understanding, and even not having control many times. Remember, life will give you what you want when it senses that you truly want it and deserve to have it. That day is upon us and it begins with your New Years resolution today. So let’s turn our focus towards healing rather than monitoring our anxiety symptoms, and let’s show ourselves how open we can truly be towards change.

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