TAGP 272: An Important Holiday Message From Me To You

December 29, 2020

Today I want to share an important holiday message with all the warriors out there…

Inspiration is important but not necessary after understanding what it truly takes to heal anxiety. However, that doesn’t mean that a few words of wisdom cannot alter your mindset quickly. Today I want to speak from my heart since there are so many people out there just starting their anxiety recovery journey.

A holiday message to keep you or get you moving on the right path,

It’s been year of turmoil but not without a silver lining. Awakenings have arisen world-wide as people are beginning to question their way of life and become more aware of what they’re giving priority you. The days of struggling and fighting are being replaced with understanding and allowing. This new approach to living life can seem quite unfamiliar at times. However, our goal is to make the unfamiliar familiar as quickly as possible.

holiday message

The quality of your life is determined by your daily habits. Sometimes what we deem as being fun may be the worst thing for us long term. As our awareness grows we’re beginning to understand how it is connected to self love and self respect. Gone are the days where we looked to please others before ourselves. Others are important, but to help another truly you must first take care of you. This holiday message is one I didn’t need to give much thought. The more thought I give something the more I feel I am fighting to create. Rather, my intuition has again begun speaking loudly in terms of what kind of episode to have on the anxiety guy podcast.

I hope you gain a tremendous amount from this episode and I look forward to your anxiety success stories in the new year warrior.

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