Podcast 274: 5 Anxiety Defence Mechanisms Holding You Back from Healing

January 11, 2021

Knowing your anxiety defence mechanisms will lead you towards understanding the root causes of your anxiety disorder. Today, we recognize 5 of them that you may have never noticed before.

Defence mechanisms are signs from the inner child looking to keep things as they are.

defence mechanisms

“Why change a good thing?” says the inner child within us (this YouTube video will help you to understand this connection more deeply) . A good thing in the eyes of our inner child/subconscious minds is what has kept us alive and functioning up until this point. The subconscious mind has two goals for us, to keep us safe and happy. However, if it had to choose between the two it most certainly will choose safety every time.

Healing anxiety arises when we recognize our defence mechanisms and see them for what it is, unconditional love. This unconditional love directed by the subconscious mind wants to preserve our earliest lessons and build upon those core beliefs about ourselves and reality. This episode of the anxiety guy podcast is an eye opener for anyone wanting to look deeper into what is truly taking place within them and why change seems so challenging.

Change itself is quite easy to understand and apply, however it must be approved by the inner child mind in order for our childhood perceptions and beliefs to be updated. This is the most challenging part of this journey.

We are two sides of the same person looking to lead our lives in separate directions.

As we realize more deeply why we do what we do which causes us to experience setbacks on this anxiety healing journey, we become more compassionate. This self compassion affects us at an identity level, not an environmental, skill set, or even a behaviour level. Dis-identify from who you believe you are and you open yourself up to who you’re truly meant to be. This path of becoming goes through discomfort until inner peace is found. Today, we take another massive step on this healing path.

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