TAGP 315: The Anxiety Healing Questions You Must Ask Yourself Today

October 25, 2021

Anxiety healing questions are the foundations of our personal belief systems. Ask open ended and open hearted questions and you’re life will dramatically change. That is why today’s anxiety guy podcast is so important as I provide you with the very questions you need to supercharge your healing now.

Did you know that your imagination (this YouTube playlist will help tremendously)  is always active? Sometimes the pictures in your minds eye are more vivid than others times yes, and whatever those images are will dictate our emotions and future selves.

The very best anxiety healing questions to ask yourself are the conscious kinds.

anxiety healing questions

Simply because if you allow your unconscious mind to run away with a question like ‘what will Jody think of me’ or ‘when will this anxiety symptom truly be the last of me,’ you’re in the deep. This is when we begin tipping the scales of our belief systems towards thinking that the world is far scarier than it actually is.

These ‘bad’ mental question can create anxiety triggers out of pretty much anything.

So now that I’ve gotten your attention in terms of which kinds of questions you’re asking yourself, how are things truly going for you? Questions lead to imagery, imagery lead to perception and action. So if you’re truly not satisfied with your inner emotional state it’s time for better questions.

Soon enough, life will begin opening it’s arms to you and your fight for inner peace and happiness will end, because you’ll reach these states easily and naturally. Trust in the anxiety questions I’ll be providing you with today, use them, and put your heart into the answer. I promise, soon you will become more than anxiety my friend.

Quote of the episode: “The greatest GPS in the world can’t take you to your destination if you’re not specific about where you want to go.”

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