TAGP 87: The Two Different Types Of Health Anxiety Sufferers

October 23, 2017

health anxiety sufferers support podcast“Health Anxiety Sufferers Are Some Of The Bravest People In The World, Period.”

Welcome to the bewildering world of health anxiety. A world where getting through the day is a huge accomplishment, where every new symptom of anxiety (if we could only see it as that) is a death sentence, and where people just simply won’t understand, so we prefer to go mute.

“Health Anxiety Is One Of The Fastest Rising Mental Health Problems That’s Getting The Least Amount Of Proper Attention.”

As much as you believe your case of health anxiety is different, it’s not. There are millions of health anxiety sufferers (many of which I work with online) going through sensitivity at varying degrees who are bewildered, frustrated, and incredibly associated internally, sometimes for 24 hours a day.

It’s incredibly important for health anxiety sufferers to begin becoming the second group of people I talk about in this podcast, as well as acquire the 3 A’s starting today; Acquisition – Acquiring the proper information for recovery, Assimilation – Studying and understanding the information fully, Application – Taking every anxious moment to practice what is learned and understood.

The 3 A’s are your simplified but still powerful road-map to desensitization. Health anxiety sufferers usually get stuck between understanding the information better and being able to implement it. The memories are just so pervasive sometimes that the conscious mind is the first one to check out when a sabre toothed tiger such as a sensation of anxiety, or the word cancer comes into the forefront.

“I’ve Been There, It Sucks, And It’s Temporary For You.”

Because you’re in a good place now. The Anxiety Guy Podcast is here weekly (don’t forget to subscriber on iTunes)to show you that you’ve got options as far as your thinking and what to believe, your emotions and how you react, and your actions and how you behave in the face of uncertainty.

In Episode #87 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Understand:

  • Why so many health anxiety sufferers get stuck in the first group for so long
  • What to expect when you begin to embark in a whole new approach to health anxiety recovery
  • Why so many health anxiety sufferers live with such internal pain on a daily basis

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4 comments on “TAGP 87: The Two Different Types Of Health Anxiety Sufferers

  1. mohanned Oct 25, 2017

    vv cool podcast dennis… im the one who always asking reassurance from my friends.. when im on high level of anxiety and fear…..and when i get new symptoms… thy give me relife for a moment ..then next day fear and anxiety gotten more worse.my friends keep telling me we can reassure u but we need u ti depend in u self its useless asking us reassurance.. thy are right.. i have purched u programe studying it carefully and u know it takes time to implement the programe .. i want to stop asking my friends for reassurance but i think it has become a habit or my mind want me to become sufferer forever