TAGP 305: Are Your Thoughts Racing Out Of Control? Apply This Instead

August 16, 2021

Thoughts racing out of control can lead a person towards a life solely lived in the future based on a traumatic past. Here are the key steps to begin putting a halt to them starting today…

Much of the time our most repeated thoughts are of the negative kind, not the positive kind. A positive row of thoughts and stories don’t do much to prepare us for imminent or potential danger. However, thoughts racing in the negative category do prepare us in some way. The body becomes mobilized as breathing becomes shallow, and we are ready to fight or run from the tiger that may jump out of the bushes at any moment.

Thoughts racing in this manner do little to bring us inner peace.

In the end, that boss you were so afraid to hear ‘bad’ news from never had any, and your son who just went on that two day camp trip had the time of his life. These types of thinking patterns can quickly become a way of life, a part of an identity even. As they become more consistent they become more automated. This can lead to creating ideas, stories, and images we don’t want to have.

There are many anxiety symptoms that show up as a result of these thoughts racing as well. We can even turn into health anxiety sufferers becoming obsessed with our health which only sucks the joys of life right out of us. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Today’s steps when understood and applied will bring relief.

racing thoughts

Train the mind and you train the body as well.

As these thoughts racing out of control become neutralized so will the physiology bring itself back to a calm state. This is truly a great achievement in a world of information overload and never ending to-do lists. I believe we can do this together, so let’s get started and comment below on your greatest insight from today’s anxiety guy podcast episode.

racing thoughts

Show Notes From Today’s Podcast Episode on Thoughts Racing:

Problem recognition – You can’t change anything until you become aware of and associate enough pain to what it is you want to change. 

Awareness – The recognition of what it is you want to change is fuelled by a certain degree of willpower, and willpower levels are determined by what’s next how often you eat and sleep patterns (Youtube Anxiety Affirmations Will Help).

Choice – The ability to choose an idea or implement a skill set in the moment which will alter your path from catastrophic story telling to neutrality towards the fear.

Action – A behavioral response that aligns with your choice of perception.

Result – A result is achieved. Whatever the result is shouldn’t matter, what matters is persistence in this way of re-conditioning until your new default ways of perceiving and acting become aligned with the real you.

Conclusion – This is an overall recognition of what tool place, how it was dealt with, the result we got and how we felt about the result. At the end of the day the most important question to ask yourself is did my subconscious mind/inner child belief systems run the day or did my upgraded belief systems led by my conscious adult mind run the day?

To halt the thoughts racing your must also feel a deservedness towards the new ideas. Not only this, as your self worth grows you must be accepting of your limitless inner capabilities rather than continue to convince yourself that it’s just not possible. Becoming more than anxiety takes insight, courage, commitment, and allowance. Trust the path. 

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One comment on “TAGP 305: Are Your Thoughts Racing Out Of Control? Apply This Instead

  1. Elaine Shaw Sep 9, 2021

    I don’t feel well until lunchtime medication any tips please Dennis I know how good you are. Thank you.