TAGP 293: 5 Common Anxiety Symptoms And Their Emotional Causes

May 24, 2021

Can an anxiety symptom physical in feeling but emotional within the root cause be healed by focusing on the emotional nature of it? I believe so, and this is where our focus will go in todays anxiety guy podcast episode.

Studies have shown that only 15% of people today are able to make a connection between suppressed emotional and their physical complaints. I don’t believe this is good enough. Of course not all physical issues have at their roots within stored emotional trauma and unexpressed emotion but many of them do. To bring peace to the human body we must unzip the zip files within the subconscious body which contains past traumatic memory. As we unzip these files we can begin reframing them and bringing neutral perspective to what was once an overwhelming experience, hence healing becomes the result of this deeper work.

An anxiety symptom physical in feeling has been looking to manifest in this form for years.

anxiety symptom physical

Anxiety is no accident and neither are the symptoms connected to this emotional state of living.

We may feel like an anxiety disorder comes at us out of the blue and spontaneously however this isn’t commonly the case. Our belief systems that rule the subconscious mind and body become our reality, leading to our identity. No longer do we disassociate with anxiety but rather it becomes a par of who we are as we check in with this growing part of us from moment to moment.

As we check in with our anxiety identity we identity with being an over-worrier.

Where focus goes is where energy flows, hence the demand for more anxiety from our nervous systems out of sheer protection purposes. Familiarity equals safety, not happiness, not inner peace, not love, but whatever has bee practiced the most often. Our default modes mustn’t be one of misery and struggle. This only leads to the addiction to suffering. Rather, we must open our hearts towards deeper understanding around our inner pain and follow our intuitive sides guidance as we heal our anxiety one day at a time.

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