TAGP 294: The Differences Between Thinking And Replaying While Healing From Your Anxiety

May 31, 2021

Too many people today think they’re thinking when in fact they’re just replaying. Thinking is a conscious act while remembering is an unconscious act, so where do you spend most of your time?

Here are some important points from todays anxiety guy podcast episode:


  • Thinking takes brain juice at the start.
  • Replaying takes no brains juice hence takes no effort.


  • Thinking leads to desired action.
  • Replaying leads to repeated action.


  • Thinking makes us feel vulnerable.
  • Replaying makes us feel comfortable.


  • Thinking slows things down hence positively alters what we pay attention to on the outside.
  • Replaying speeds things up hence negatively alters what we pay attention to on the outside.

Adult vs Child Mind:

  • Thinking comes from the adult mind in the form of direction.
  • Replaying comes from the inner child mind in the form of protection and preservation of old belief systems.

dealing with your anxiety

The difference is monumental, and can only be executed through higher levels of awareness.

This level of awareness allows us to alter our path from replaying to thinking, from being to just doing. No longer is someone who deals with anxiety an anxiety sufferer in identity, but rather someone who experiences anxiety during some moments throughout the day. When we can dis-identify from being something or someone we gain power back.

Take note of the lessons in todays podcast episode and begin practicing them now. Your life will change from the inside out as thinking replaces replaying while healing from anxiety. No longer are you unworthy of change but rather worthy of all the change and good coming your way.

Healing from your anxiety demands a defiant attitude towards habits that keep you stuck.

Many times when this approach is taken we begin noticing the next steps in our healing journey over anxiety. For now, just leave all your pre-existing ideas about the episode behind and come in with an open mind and an open heart. Enjoy!

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