TAGP 304: How To Control Your Emotional State The Fastest (Physiology)

August 9, 2021

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast we’ll be diving into the most powerful way to control your emotional state to bring forth clarity and anxiety healing:

The biggest missing component in anxiety healing is the rebuilding of our relationships with our bodies, hence why I promote my mapping meditation on YouTube so much because it’s a gateway to self love, self compassion, and higher thinking.

Control your emotional state through your physiology and your mind will also be positively affected.

control your emotional state

Important show notes from today’s anxiety guy podcast episode:

  • The mind/body feedback loop: What the body does the mind does and what the mind does the body does. However, it’s much easier to change the body to change the mind than the other way around.
  • Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter within the body that accelerates neuroplasticity, and neuroplasticity is the process of rewiring the brain therefore shifting our perceptions and feelings.
  • Oxytocin is enhanced through a physiological state change, laughter, hugging, smiling, dark chocolate, orgasms, and anything else that is fun to you.

State control as refereed to in this episode is the process of controlling your own physiological state therefore controlling or rather guiding your emotional state. State control can be done through two seperate ways: Willpower or physiology.

Willpower: The act of willfully and cognitively forcing yourself to do something.

Physiological state control: To shift the two most important aspects which are breathing and posture.

Each and every physiological shift has a corresponding emotional state and every emotional state has a corresponding physiology.

Important challenge from todays episode, do these now:

Look and breathe like a depressed person.

Look and breathe like an empowered person.

Look and breathe like a person who’s just healed their anxiety!

GOAL: Your job today is to find the emotional states you want to live in most often and begin practicing the corresponding physiology for this states.

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