TAGP 298: How Many People Are Living In Your Mind And Body? (Anxiety Triggers)

June 28, 2021

Anxiety triggers, we don’t really understand the origins of them and instead blame something external for a ‘negative’ feeling. Today however, I’ll show you where they really come from…

There are a multitude of beliefs and personalities living within you all moving in separate directions, the result is a lack of inner harmony. When you heal trauma (this YouTube video will explain trauma and anxiety) you heal your nervous system. When you heal your nervous system you heal your emotional body which in turn brings power and energy back into the system. Like an on switch which completely alters your perceptual filters and the way you see the world.

The anxiety triggers you experience are not yours.

anxiety triggers

Which means, it’s time to give them back to the ones that programmed you into them. Reframing can potentially be your key to freedom from these anxiety triggers and your anxiety disorder all together since it focuses on regression work. The truth is that we can either continue living by the rules and beliefs of people from our past, or we can set an intention to be led towards our intuitive guidance. This leads to our own beliefs through thought, emotions, imagination and action. 

As you listen in on todays anxiety guy podcast episode you will be brought towards new found clarity. As you accept this clarity in and act on it you will begin distancing yourself from overthinking and re-connecting with your heart sense.

This heart sense is the key to your anxiety freedom.

Anxiety triggers don’t have to be managed for an entire lifetime. The beauty is that we can begin unravelling them, get to the root causes, and distance ourselves from the subconscious beliefs we are holding onto. Your future is for you to create, not for others to create for you. This is why it’s imperative that you take a good look at your current results from an outsiders perspective, taking in all the information you were never aware of in regards to your anxiety.

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