TAGP 314: What Someone Going Through Anxiety Truly Needs Before Anything Else

October 18, 2021

As someone going through anxiety right now this one vital need may not be met. Let’s reveal what this is and get you caught up on how to receive it starting today…

If the suppression of thought, action, feelings and emotions, and words create and increase the likelihood of anxiety, than freedom from anxiety is within expression. Knowing this, an anxiety sufferer has a duty to themselves to begin understanding how to express fully, whereas the supporter has a duty to listen.

When someone going through anxiety feels heard, they will begin healing.

someone going through anxiety

Healing anxiety many times is simple but not always easy.

Simple in the way that we know what to do but the execution of that knowing can be a whole other ordeal on its own. Don’t fret though, practice does make perfect I’ve been told. And if it doesn’t make perfect, at the very least you will begin feeling into new ideas and beliefs, ones that are truly your own and not adopted from others.

To be heard is to further rapport, to build a bond, and to feel accepted and understood. Someone going through anxiety many times doesn’t have the luxury of feeling these things naturally. So then experience must re-shape the way we communicate and what we believe (this YouTube video will guide).

Experience changes the brain. Not thinking about what it is we want, experiencing it imagined or in the physical plain.

What this means for someone going through anxiety is that as they feel more listened to, understood, they must use that added confidence to bring certainty towards their new beliefs around themselves. The action that follows is key, this will lead to momentum. When positive momentum is with you, you no longer need specific techniques. You only need to follow what your intuition says is the next step.

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