TAGP 300: Anxiety Success Stories – Revealing Podcast Interview With Marcos Codas

July 12, 2021

Anxiety success stories can be challenging to come by. Today however, you will be touched and inspired through an anxiety success story by our very own website developer and my good friend Marcos Codas. Enjoy Below.

Marcos’s interview not only gives us hope where there seemingly is none, but it provides us with a grounded feeling, a connected feeling. We no longer feel so isolated, alone, separated from each other or the unconditional love from source energy (my lessons around god in this YouTube video). Rather, it seems we can all respect this anxiety healing journey and every step along the messy way. Anxiety success stories are no accident. They are a process of spiritual maturity as you can hear from today’s powerful podcast episode.

This, is what we must tap into, this is the truth behind personal growth.

Anxiety success stories are possible for us all.

anxiety success stories

I am no different than Marcos and you are no different than either of us. I respect the stage you are in right now in your healing journey, and I know you will get to the next step as you continue to open yourself up to trust and faith in healing anxiety. As you can see, through anxiety success stories such as this one we become more united and less divided.

The world today is moving quickly towards division in all aspects of life and within many conversational topics. This is why it is up to you and me to make sure this sort of negative energy doesn’t pick up anymore momentum, we can stop this together one small personal win at a time.

Your anxiety healing must be accompanied by the cooperation of your heart or else it will be short lived (Instagram @TheAnxietyGuy).

Yes, your head can say one thing but your heart another. As emotion and certainty over this anxiety healing path comes into play our hearts begin speaking louder than our heads, hence the direct route towards new perceptions and belief systems. Today brings with it great opportunity for change, great opportunity for self love and self respect.

We can either revert back to familiar fear or open ourselves up to an unfamiliar love for ourselves and therefore others. I know you’ve already made the right choice warrior.

With this choice comes great sacrifice though. As you face what it is you need to give up you are met with more choices to make. These choices will shape who you are and what you believe at a subconscious inner child level. You have my heart, you have my blessing, you have anxiety success stories such as this one to feed off of. Nothing can stop you now.

Connect with Marcos Below!

https://www.juntosbajoelsol.org Marcos’s solar-powered NGO
https://www.bds.com.py Marcos’s studio’s website

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