TAGP 299: 7 Universal Laws Of Nature That Will Better Your Mental Health

July 5, 2021

Universal laws of nature are always at play all around us. When we can understand them better and allow their teachings to surface we can then strive and fight less and receive and give more.

Below you can read the show notes from todays anxiety guy podcast episode, enjoy:

1 – The Law of Vibration

Really another way of talking about the Law of Attraction. Everything has a vibration (Think: vibe) to it. Whatever your vibration, frequency, or whatever you resonate with is what you’re going to draw into your life.

In terms of personal development, success, relationships, dating, confidence – any of those things – your emotions around any part of life are your vibration in that area. If you’re dealing with heavier feelings, your vibration is heavier and lower. If you’re in a (genuine) place of higher emotions, your vibration is lighter and higher.

universal laws of nature

2 – The Law of Relativity

Simply put, everything is relative. To you, making one million dollars in a year might seem like a huge, even impossible goal. But to someone who’s done it even once, it’s much smaller in their mind. To someone else, it might seem like a very small number.

If you’re looking at a problem and hyper-focusing on it, it can start seeming overwhelming and like that problem is everything in your life. When this happens, you want to take a step back and see it relative to life and the world. Keep taking steps back until you can minimize just how big of a deal it seems and then return to working on the problem or challenge while maintaining that perspective.

3 – The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything has a cause and an effect, like dominoes falling, or one little piece of snow breaking off the top of a mountain and leading to an avalanche.

Looking at your life and diving deep into the mind, the cause of all your problems, everything you’re dealing with, the cause of your life, is thought mixed with emotion. When you take “unreasonable responsibility” for being the cause of everything in your life – maybe some of the things you created originated from an unconscious place, but you still ultimately created them – you empower yourself.

Within these universal laws of nature we can find the root of our suffering and the path to freedom.

4 – The Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite within the universal laws of nature. You can’t have up without down, left without right, or masculine without feminine. And you can’t have a question without an answer already existing somewhere in the universe. You can’t have a burning desire for something without a way to achieve it. The challenge is that the answer is often outside our comfort zones.

5 – The Law of Gestation

Gestation is the period of time it takes for something to come into form. A baby goes through a gestation period of nine months. Certain things in the world and life tend to have “normal” gestation periods, but as the human race and technology progresses, these gestation periods often get shorter and shorter.

Realize that as you are working on yourself, things may move slowly at first, but that they can move faster and faster as you progress…and as you pay attention to the rest of these laws.

6 – The Law of Rhythm
Within the universal laws of nature everything has a rhythm to it. The seasons of the year have a rhythm to them, as do how we eat, sleep, and wake up. To surf successfully, you have to get in rhythm with the waves. Rhythm is essential in music. Rhythm works everywhere. In life and anything you’re working on, you’re in rhythm when you’re not rushing or doubting; you’re riding the wave and feeling things out and adjusting.

7 – The x Law of Transmutation

The transmutation period is when things you are working on are going haywire or feeling uncomfortable. Feeling like you should give up, stop, or go back. But like a caterpillar becomes a messy glob of goo but becomes a butterfly by going through that transmuation, a transmutation period of feeling very messy and uncomfortable is natural in anything big you’re trying to do or change in your life.

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