TAGP 208: How A Victim Mentality Leads To Severe Anxiety

October 7, 2019

victim mentality and severe anxiety

I remember the day my best friend called me ‘a victim.’ It was like a slap in the face, my ego was crushed, and I was fuming with rage. Friends don’t let other friends down, or do they? It was true, I did have a victim mentality and it did spur on severe anxiety. But it was the first time it was brought to my attention in a way that started to make me think…

Why do people allow themselves to speak to themselves and others with a victim mentality?

These people (myself included a few years back) don’t realize the comfortable discomfot that this attitude brings. It becomes formed as a habit as well as becoming a part of our identities. For many, it provides them a way out from facing what they’d rather not, for excusing themselves from situations that are unfamiliar, as well as provides an unconscious connection to the ones that also thought and acted this way. Most likely your parents.

You didn’t have bad parents, you had misinformed parents.

They did the best they could with the information provided to them by their parents and authorities, but they missed a crucial part of your developmental strategy while you were young. That crucial part was that they never told you that you could question your first impressions, as well as show you how to develop your mental health properly.

Severe anxiety is an unconscious program that runs non-stop and is fueled by past memory. It’s a reaction, not an observation, and there lies the problem.

People with a victim mentality ask themselves the same questions everyday. Questions like:

  • “Why am I so hopeless?”
  • “How come god is punishing me through this feeling of depersonalization
  • “Why does no one understand me?”

Firstly, you’re not hopeless, you live in the era of information overload and the answers you seek are already within you. Secondly, God is trying to teach you something but you keep denying it (this YouTube video will share what I gathered from God during my anxiety recovery). Thirdly, it’s not that no one understands you it’s just that everyone’s got their own problems and some of those problems are much worse than yours.

Wake up call, I know. I empathize with you 100%, but I also don’t want you to live with this victim mentality for much longer. That’s why someone has to bring forth the information you just won’t hear from too many people today. The question is what will you do with the information from today’s anxiety guy podcast episode?

You’re listening to today’s episode because you want an answer to a problem. The moment that answer is provided, how will you use it today in a way that helps you to understand anxiety better?

Now I’m really getting your pre-frontal cortex working, I know. You will begin questioning who you’ve become and why you do what you do after today, at least that’s my goal for you. Because you have the permission to grow out of your limiting beliefs stuck within the infinite storage system of your subconscious mind and body. You just need to start trusting in you more as you grow out of your victim mentality for good.

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2 comments on “TAGP 208: How A Victim Mentality Leads To Severe Anxiety

  1. Cheryl Wallace Oct 7, 2019

    Your insight into my mind, anxiety, and learned helplessness is perfectly stated in this Podcast. I am listening, my mind is opening, and my responses, and habits are changing because you have taught me how to respond, react, and recondition myself from my victim mentality. Thank you for this! This Podcast rang deep into the core of my being!

    • Love the progress Cheryl. Keep moving out of the victim mentality and into someone who’s comfortable having all the things you desire.