TAGP 264: Guided Imagery Meditation For Anxiety And Negativity Clearing (LIVE)

November 2, 2020

Guided imagery exercises can be valuable tools to be utilized daily to fuel anxiety recovery. It presents a a powerful way of communicating directly with the subconscious mind to bring about changes in perception and beliefs, which is exactly what we’ll be doing today.

Today’s Guided Imagery Meditation: The Magic Frame.

Im excited to walk you through this powerful exercise today because to many warriors it will be an introduction. An introduction into this form of meditation for anxiety will open your eyes to what’s possible for you. It’s not only the ‘responding’ and cognitive skills that we need (found in my latest book on Amazon here), we need ways to tap into where we truly hold our core beliefs.

The magic frame will test your patience, your ability to let go and imagine, along with your body. A certain level of playfulness is necessary to make this guided imagery session for anxiety work. But when you ‘dial in’ fully and go with the flow coming from my words you will find yourself in a very interesting inner place.

guided imagery

This place is one of inner peace and deeper clarity.

I believe now after helping to heal thousands of people worldwide through the inner circle program for anxiety that alter state work is necessary. What this means is that when you’re in an overthinking and overdoing mode for too long you have no opportunity to communicate what you want to your subconscious mind. This mind holds the key to who you want to be and how you want to feel.

Altered state work such as this magic frame exercise will be a tool to clear your inner negativity causing anxiety. These feelings have past experiences connected to them, traumas, and it’s our job to begin the process of healing those traumas together. Enjoy, and please take a moment to comment below on how you felt afterwards.

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