TAGP 61: Simplifying Your Anxiety Recovery

April 24, 2017

“Simplify Your Day, Do Less, And Pick Just One Thing To Focus On.” anxiety recovery tips

We can make anxiety recovery so very complicated, and that’s where this episode comes in. This week on The Anxitey Guy podcast, we simplify our mindsets. We focus in on small changes, small daily wins, which will lead to big results.

It can be so easy to see yourself as weak, incapable, and powerless. The truth is you’re none of those things, you are a warrior. Someone who is just as capable as any to bring themselves to a state of peace and balance. Self mastery is within your reach, but only if you simplify your journey through anxiety recovery.

“Life Is Really Simple, But We Insist On Making It So Very Complicated.”

This episode is about your ‘one thing.’ Your one thing is one focus you hold onto for the day, that’s it. “But Dennis how will I lessen my anxiety levels in ALL the different aspects of my life,” I hear you saying. That is the very approach that is in fact keeping you from maintaining any progress in your anxiety recovery.

When you focus in on your one thing, your own mindset, your one new skill set, your one challenge for the day, you begin re-conditioning yourself. You begin to see that you can in fact be successfull in this journey. You can maintain progress, simply by maintaining one small focus per day.

“In anxiety recovery we can focus on breathing patterns, posture, journalling, thought patterns, new behavior? You choose your one thing.”

In episode #61 on The Anxiety Guy Podcast, We’re Diving Deep Into:

  • Why I believe in the ‘one thing’ approach so very much for anxiety recovery
  • How your one thing desensitizes a person from their fears
  • The moment when a sufferer begins to see themselves as a failure

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