TAGP 228: 5 Nature Lessons That Will Help To Heal Your Anxiety

February 24, 2020

heal your anxiety

Can spending time in nature help to heal your anxiety?

I believe it can. Environmentally, energetically, as well as through our observation of nature we can take great strides in overcoming anxiety. But not only the mood and the trance that we call anxiety, a whole personal transformation has the potential of taking place here.

Nature helps to heal your anxiety if you are open to understanding how nature operates.

Just a few years back I would never be open to these types of naturistic lessons.

I would be overly consumed with my bodily symptoms of anxiety and so preoccupied with my negative automatic thoughts that I wouldn’t dare let go to the external. That seems to be the biggest problem with anxiety sufferers. We need to understand that we can in fact afford to let go.

Letting go doesn’t mean losing control.

It means not taking life on alone, and learning to control what you truly have control over. These include your perceptions, your physiology, your actions, and your conscious visualization. Mastering these 4 components will tame your amygdala and heal your anxiety.

Today, I’ll be opening your mind up to a whole new world.

Nature holds the key to self love.

When self love is in place we can truly make positive differences in other peoples lives. If you dig deep enough within an anxiety sufferers root causes of anxiety, you’ll find that a lack of love is always at the bottom. No wonder we try so hard to find it through other people and situations.

Come into todays anxiety guy podcast with an open mind. Be ready to learn theses nature lessons presented to you. Because it wasn’t until I freed myself from the beliefs that kept showing up in my life that I started my anxiety recovery. You can heal your anxiety, for good in fact, so let’s go.

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