The Relationship With Anxiety And Why It’s So Hard To Let Go

May 2, 2019

“Like Any Other Kind Of Relationship, It Can Be Hard To Break Up In Your Relationship With Anxiety.”

Think about it for a moment, which relationships in your life come to mind quicker than others? I bet it’s the ones that lasted the longest, coupled with the ones that had the most emotional intensity behind them. This is one of those reasons why it becomes so challenging to let go of the relationship with anxiety. Since anxiety has been there with you through thick and thin.

Anxiety is pain, suffering, comfort, and safety

Life with anxiety can seem much more safe than a life without it many times. So when you consciously decide that you’re ready to divorce your anxiety, the subconscious mind shows up with a host of reasons for why you shouldn’t end the relationship with anxiety, such as:

  • It’s been too long together and you’re too invested already
  • The prospect of changing your beliefs and eliminating suffering altogether is too unfamiliar
  • The maintenance of these new beliefs and new persona won’t be possible
  • People will respond to you differently, and possibly won’t accept the new you without anxiety

And many more…

Here’s the thing though, you’ve been blaming all the things that haven’t been working for you when in fact it’s the strength of your relationship with anxiety. Many people believe that it’s the method, or the supplement, or the technique that didn’t work for them, which in this case becomes false. It’s the safety factor and the need for anxiety at some level in your life that’s holding you back.

Understand This! It Can Change Everything

End the denial. Dig deeper, and see it from a new perspective (in terms of health anxiety, THIS podcast is a must). Could this be true for you and if so are you ready admit it and invest fully into creating new belief systems? Many times it doesn’t have to be a technique or skill set that turns it all around, but a moment of clarity. This moment breaks down all the walls an anxiety sufferer has consciously and unconsciously put up to maintain their emotional state. But today those walls come down once and for all.

Have You Built Up A Close Relationship With Anxiety? Share Your Comments Below.

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10 comments on “The Relationship With Anxiety And Why It’s So Hard To Let Go

  1. Shirley May 2, 2019

    Wow I never thought about it in this before maybe it’s time to release my chains and try to move forward,I have not been on a bus or train for over 3 years i will try to set my self a goal and do this thank you so much x

  2. Julie May 2, 2019

    After 51 years of it I’m sure I have! So many things you say add up and make sense! From the root of the anxiety and how sometimes we form anxious reactions from our parent’s or other’s reactions to trauma. I feel like I’m tied to my anxiety as an excuse if I fail at something or when I’m afraid I won’t be good enough and if I let go of it then what will I blame my failures on?! Realizing this and working on undoing it!

  3. I am grateful that I found Dennis on the internet and started to listening to the podcasts! I will take a step back and explain how I got to this point. I was having relationship issues in the home and became sick and noticed my body wasn’t right. Of course I relied on “Dr Google” for the solution and boy was that the wrong idea. I had everything wrong under the sun. While this was going on I did have a friend die at a young age and leave behind two young children. Boy I thought I was next. I finally followed my wife’s advice and whet to the Dr and everything checked out ok. I then felt better, but then I had the “what if” thought in my mind! Did I do something in the past to cause me to become sick later in life? Did I hurt someone else with my decisions? I would like to get out of my own head and living life worry free! Once again I am thankful for finding Dennis on the internet even though the internet can corrupt your thinking —– Thanks Dennis “Anxiety Guy”

    • Thanks for the courage to share Eric. I understand where you are, and I know in the near future we’ll be talking about your progress over anxiety. ❤️

  4. Myra A May 6, 2019

    How true! Anxiety is just a horrible, draining, toxic relationship! Anxiety sufferers deserve so much more! We deserve to be free, to make our own choices, and live our lives! If anxiety was my spouse- I would divorce it.

    Like you said, then your subconscious mind shows up feeding you doubt because you’ve been so good maintaining and letting the relationship simmer. Its what feels comfortable. I know for a fact if my best friend was in this type of relationship..I would be the most positive light to show her that she is more! She deserves to be free and not scared to move forward. That she is a confident, independent person who can conquer the world!

    Self love is definitely a MUST I’ve lacked confidence in my life. I always felt like I could never make the right decision…

    Thank you for this! I need to start treating myself as if I was my best friend needing that advice.

    Much love,

  5. Lisa J. Peterson May 7, 2019

    Dennis, every morning i wake up from a deep sleep and pow ANXIETY DREAD shaking and an overwhelming sense of not wanting to go to my job, i want out of this job, but yet when I get interviews I panic for fear i will bring the anxiety with me. I am so sad that I will have to bear this cross for the rest of my life and I do not want to wake up and feel these sensations. Even the medicine doesnt work, I am so confused as to how I can change my thoughts. I just purchased a camera for my desktop so I can Skype. I am always in a fight or flight mode…I just dont know what to do anymore.

    • I look forward to helping you reframe those past memories and organize your future experiences through thought images. This kind of work is best done through a practitioner that can hold you by the hand in the beginning. Much love.