TAGP 310: Every Anxiety Warrior Needs To Hear This Today (Thank You)

September 20, 2021

Today I felt that the best way to approach my listeners was to thank them. Hence, here is what every anxiety warrior needs to hear today…

Show notes:

Thank you to the other healers that work tirelessly to improve themselves and provide wonderful solutions to people suffering. Thank you to you, for placing your trust in me, in this podcast, in my videos (YouTube), in my programs. I feel this is now a relationship between myself and you, a beautiful one that will blossom into a wonderful connection for as long as we both shall live.

Every anxiety warrior needs to hear these words.

We are working together now, through my knowledge and your inner wisdom we can see the light and must make sure to place ourselves into vulnerability and uncertainty from time to time to make that light a true reality for us. Anxiety has given us an opportunity, an opportunity to become more than our past traumas, to end the generational patterns of worry and the addiction to suffering, and to find inner peace and self love once again.

every anxiety warrior needs to hear this

As your vibration lifts so does the vibration of everyone around you which will create a unified world, and not one that is divided based on the manipulative words of today’s so called leaders.

As we unite more deeply we can sense a deep connection with flow, and no longer do anxiety symptoms take us down a path of catastrophe but rather a sense of wonder and curiosity, as was the case when we are children, beautiful and open hearted children.

I thank you for the blessings you have given me and I will meditate today on your suffering, in your pain, and will wish for nothing more than to release it once and for all so you can tap back into the courage that resides within you, the courage to be yourself and all your imperfections.

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