TAGP 313: Why Anxiety Sufferers Have Such A Hard Time Being Present In The Moment

October 11, 2021

I’ve been there, and the challenge of being present in the moment with your external environment is something many anxiety sufferers struggle with. Today we’ll dive deep into the reasons for this, enjoy!

Podcast notes:

To be present in the moment means to be at peace with yourself and the world. To be at peace with yourself and the world you must forgive at a heart level.

present in the moment

  • Like a chaotic relationship, if a man and woman don’t see eye to eye on life’s most important topics they will function at a low vibration. Just as the conscious and subconscious mind must see eye to eye in order for safety around focusing on the present to show up.
  • Our focus stays on either the past or future because this focus aligns us with suffering, which aligns with our past core beliefs.
  • Being present brings calm to the nervous system, the nervous system isn’t used to calm however.

We have such a hard time being present in the moment because our protective sides are always looking to keep us from making the same ‘mistakes’ as we have in the past. One of those mistakes come down to being genuinely us. As we attempted this as a young child we were told many things from ‘you’re not good enough’ to ‘you’re lazy’ etc.

These words became our belief systems and we are living our lives today having not yet upgraded those belief systems.

As you very well know at this moment, you have an opportunity. An opportunity to no longer be the victim of your past traumas or ancestral mental health patterns (here’s a YouTube audiobook on this). I urge you to continue building on your current progress and take your anxiety healing one more step forward through the clarity you will gain from today’s episode.

Challenge of the day: To see the inability for inner peace as a sign of what needs resolve.

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