Subconscious vs Conscious Mind – Why You’re Really Feeling Stuck!

October 16, 2020
If you look at your life right now does it feel like you’re doing all the right things but not seeing any change on the inside or out? Welcome to the tug of war that is represented by the subconscious vs conscious mind.

These are defence mechanisms that are set up through past experiences that are stored in the body that manifest through the mind.

I know what you’re thinking, why would my mind want to keep me from experiencing a sense of thriving in this lifetime? The answer to that question comes to us by looking into your past for just a few moments daily.  What’s important to understand here is that a trauma can be anything, even your toys being taken away from you at a young age. To the adult the experience means very little, but to the child it feels like life or death. When your toys get taken away it sends the message of:
  • There’s no point in pursuing your interests because something will go wrong soon anyway.
  • The world isn’t interested in your creative sides.
  • Life is far from effortless and you must fight to the death to achieve anything you want to.
These experience are what’s referred to as your initial sensitizing events (traumatic experiences between conception and the age of 7). These initial events that set the stage for what’s to come lead to subsequent sensitizing events, it’s a domino effect basically. 
subconscious vs conscious mind

The subconscious mind can’t differentiate between right from wrong, good or bad, all it can do is go by how the experience made you feel and pursue like events in the future.

Since everything is always in vibration with something else and emanating a certain frequency, rest assured these past events are looking to continue to match with what’s taking place in your life in the present moment. You can see how what’s taking place at a subconscious level can over-ride the conscious actions we dedicate ourselves to. A person may constantly get sick, injured, never meet the person that fulfills their spirit, never make enough money, or never pursue their creative sides, all because of these past experiences that turn into core beliefs that run the vibratory message you send out into the world.

Alignment Is Key!

There was a time when someone told me to see myself as a magnet. I didn’t fully understand those worlds until more recently when I realized that it wasn’t so much what we consciously thought that brought us the emotional states, people, experiences into our lives.

In truth it was what my inner child thought that was the key to the kingdom.

The inner child has a set of belief systems that oppose the adult minds belief systems and believe me when I say the inner child runs the ship that is your life. This is why we sense the battle ensuing between the subconscious vs conscious mind but rarely do what’s needed to end it. Unless these two minds are working in harmony your conscious desires for how you want to feel and what you want to manifest into your life will never become fulfilled. The question is, how do we begin to create congruence/harmony between these two minds in order to bring about inner peace and self love?

Altered State Work!

Altered state work emphasizes the receiving and releasing parts of healing. The receiving is done through meditative acts, which doesn’t necessarily only mean sitting in a lotus position with your eyes closed focusing on your breath. The receiving work (receiving the wisdom and clarity needed to thrive) is done through any act that gets you in touch with nature and simplifies your life.
Here are a few ways you can begin receiving:
  • Grounding your feet into the sand or grass for 15 minute periods.
  • Forest bathing – Surrounded by trees, bushes, creeks and allowing yourself to be one with the laws of nature itself.
  • Walking meditation – Becoming present and grateful for all that surrounds you during a walk.
  • Mindful showers, Mindful eating, and The Positivity Effect Meditation practices.
To create congruence between the child and adult mind there is a focus on receiving exercises along with these releasing exercises which come in the form of:
  • The Grey Room Meditation (in the ETA Program) – This is an imagery based exercise that will help to release old blocks and input new empowering information at the deepest levels.
  • Emotional Reframing – This technique focuses on reframing past traumatic events to bring about a new interpretation towards them. The goal isn’t to change your history but rather show your body that you’re no longer stuck in a particular past experience anymore.
  • Healing The Inner Wounded Child (YouTube) – A journey into the mind and perceptions of your inner child based on past experiences. This video will help you to meet with a sense of lightness and this lightness is a sign of emotional release and resolve of trauma.

We must make peace with peace and heal the subconscious vs conscious mind battle taking place.

We mustn’t neglect peace because we don’t understand it, nor should we look to continue to become addicted to the excitable and stress based chemicals within us. A fun life doesn’t have to be one where something in the external world stimulates us into a new state. We can find peace, fun, enjoyment, and creativity anywhere at any time. 
Through receiving the wisdom needed along with releasing the stored information connected to our past we can live a life we can be proud of. So let’s commit to the journey with a full heart today.

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