TAGP 311: Who Is The Inner Child And Where Does Your Anxiety Really Come From?

September 27, 2021

Along the lines of this YouTube video I made referencing who the inner child was and where our anxiety comes from, I thought we could build on this important aspect of healing anxiety more today. Enjoy the clarity you are about to gain!

Show notes:

Who is the inner child really, and why is he or she so anxious?

  1. The inner child is not quick to accept new ideas. Therefore we must really understand the kind of communication we need to engage in to convince the subconscious mind (inner child) of what is real and not when it comes to life.
  2. Your inner child desires that you focus your attention on the physical anxiety symptoms hence stay within the realm of the addiction to suffering, therefore stay protected from making similar mistakes as you have in the past. It’s all about protection, and the inner child loves you unconditionally, never forget that.
  3. Your inner child wants you to continue believing in old outdated negative beliefs such as picking up things the right way or you’ll hurt yourself, stop playing the sport that hurt you in the past, and so on. Since the longer you stay attached to these ideas the greater the chance of re-injuring yourself, hence the mighty affect the subconscious ideas have on our physical capabilities.

As we get to know this deeper part of us we begin realizing how our belief systems from childhood have entered into adulthood.

We don’t necessarily get what we desire, but rather we get what the inner child senses is best for us. Our conscious adult minds know better than to think catastrophically in a new and unfamiliar situation, but to the inner child it’s a whole other perspective and one that is seeped in fear and doubt.

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