TAGP 312: You Are NOT Your Anxiety Diagnosis! Stop Doing This…

October 4, 2021

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I will reveal to you some of the daily habits that align with your anxiety diagnosis that are keeping you from inner peace.

Here are some of the anxiety habits that are mentioned in today’s podcast that are interfering with our progress:

  • Check in with the anxiety diagnosis or identity while walking. We hunch, we speed up, we shallow breathe.
  • Check in while communicating. We hesitate, we people please out of pity for ourselves, and we suppress.
  • Check in with it while driving. We confirm our negativity bias by noticing what’s wrong with the roads, drivers etc, which takes away from the mindfulness we need to apply in order to move from threat perception to safety.
  • Check in while exercising. We hesitate to push ourselves, we think our way out of certain exercises, we tense our bodies throughout the workout, and we feel older than we actually are.
  • We check in when we are invited to something new. We create excuses for why we shouldn’t go as defense mechanisms by the inner child to stop us from ‘making mistakes’ or experiencing overwhelm. We catastrophize to such an extent that the experience turns into a circus rather than what it could have been, neutral emotionally and pleasant even.

anxiety diagnosis help

Challenge of the day: To ask yourself ‘how would someone healed from anxiety respond in this situation?’

We are slowly recognizing that what we were told we are experiencing (anxiety) no longer has to be our master. We can master the very thing we are feeling, and in the process become free on the inside. This is a massive step forward my friends as we dis-identify with our anxiety diagnosis and re-identify with inner peace and inner balance (watch this YouTube video for more on this).

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