TAGP 251: 5 Words Of Wisdom You Need To Hear Today

August 3, 2020

words of wisdom you need to hear

To help someone heal from chronic anxiety you must place yourself into the mind and body of the sufferer. You must see life from their perspective rather than yours. These are the words of wisdom you need to hear from me today in order to continue this path of healing.

Truly understanding what an anxiety sufferer is going through is half the battle.

Without a clear bond and good communication between the helper and sufferer there can be no anxiety healing. This is because there will be no trust, no faith in the process. This would lead to the anxiety sufferer holding back the information (consciously and subconsciously) that would lead to healing.

These are the words of wisdom you need to hear today because when you win, so do I. I never realized what a high I could get when anxiety warriors share with me their recent wins and their stories of healing. The love begins circulating between us and so does the necessary insight.

These words of wisdom you need to hear today are targeted at your current sensitivity.

You are dealing with sensitivity, and isn’t hearing that so much better than the voice in your head that says it’s much worse? This sensitivity comes in a few different forms:

  • Mental sensitivity – Intrusive thoughts, automatic negative thoughts, distorted, generalized, and deleted thoughts.
  • Emotional sensitivity – A ’not so good’ feeling.
  • Physical sensitivity – Bodily sensations that continue to linger.
  • Imaginative sensitivity – Images through the inner eye that form a catastrophic future.

This sensitivity is created through our conscious perceptions as well as our unconscious perceptions (subconscious). The beauty of the anxiety guy podcast is that it will never sugar coat your anxiety. I will always compassionately guide you towards learning how to communicate with the deeper parts of you in order to bring about long term anxiety healing.

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words of wisdom you need to hear

words of wisdom you need to hear


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2 comments on “TAGP 251: 5 Words Of Wisdom You Need To Hear Today

  1. Coralee Gall Aug 5, 2020

    Loved this podcast. Exactly what I needed in the moment!!!! Thank you Dennis.☺️🙏