TAGP 262: 5 Amazing Life Lessons Anxiety Has Taught Me

October 19, 2020

When I think about life lessons I feel that experience is the best teacher. When a person is living beyond anxiety, within inner peace they can look back and recognize many important things. These teachings carry plenty of positive emotional weight behind them and will only serve to build on the amazing progress we’re all making.

These anxiety life lessons came to me out of the blue

No one brought them to my attention while healing from health anxiety, GAD, or panic disorder, nor did I sit down and begin thinking about them. The biggest question with these epiphanies that I had was who or what was feeding them to me? That’s a topic for a whole other podcast episode because today we’re here to become present over what your own life lessons may be.

You see, when someone is healing from anxiety they’re beginning to finally have access to deeper resources within them. They are beginning to tap into the power of personal perception over what others programmed their belief systems with. This recognition comes with great responsibility though.

life lessons

The responsibility to enact and become the new ideas about yourself and life

It’s one thing to tap into certain life lessons while healing from anxiety and it’s another to put them to use. Thinking doesn’t create change, action does! This is a simple but important rule to follow in the journey of inner growth and transformation. When we can be honest with ourselves and realize whether we are implementing these life lessons or not we can begin respecting ourselves further as well.

With self respect comes self love and with self love comes self respect. There is no order on the path towards living a life beyond anxiety. What I can tell you with great certainty however is that this journey is taking you to places you never imagined before. It’s your job to embrace the life lessons that arise and act on them at every chance.

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