Beyond Anxiety – One Of The Best Books on Anxiety?

August 14, 2021

best books on anxiety

*Written by a fellow author and warrior (anonymous)…

Anxiety is one of the most visible signs of stress. Each of us have been anxious at one point or another; the trouble brews when there is a continued pattern that soon becomes a part of our personality. Knowledge is obviously, power. 

It definitely helps to read some of the best books on anxiety and find out how to not only fight this deterrence to your progress, but also cultivate a joyous, liberated and courageous mindset. 

Dennis Simsek with his book ‘ Beyond Anxiety – What to Expect on Your Path to Freedom’ has shown how one can not only recover from anxiety but also progress and prosper and become a leading authority in your field of choice,  after curing your anxiety disorder. 

 It is normal to feel mildly anxious about an impeding task, for instance, a stage performance or an interview. However, if one starts overthinking habitually and there is a continual pattern of being overtly anxious to the point that you show physiological signs like sweating profusely or talking incoherently or being unable to sleep; it means that this a condition that should be addressed. 

Anxiety takes different forms like a fear of dogs, due to be being bitten or being frightened by one as a child (childhood trauma). 

It can be triggered due to a specific reason, for instance, being in a relationship that makes you feel frigid or impotent. It can also have no reason for instance, a sudden sense of panic on the way to work. At times, anxiety can be a state of general but excessive despair about the political scenario of a county even. Ironically, anxiety sufferers may also exhibit increased aggressive behaviour, apart from obvious manifestations like feeling depressed, subdued, withdrawn and inhibited.

As aforementioned, ‘Beyond Anxiety’ is one of the best books you can lay your hands on in understanding the reasons for your anxiety and how you can experience a liberated state of mind.

The author Dennis Simsek, who has also written the successful ‘F*ck Coping Start Healing – The Anxiety Guy’s Guide, in 2020, pulls all stops and goes for the jugular as far anxiety-healing journey is concerned, in his latest offering ‘Beyond Anxiety’.  

The leading life coach Simsek speaks eloquently, simplistically, albeit with authority on the subject that needs a deeper yet nuanced understanding. For a former tennis professional who has gone through crescendos of glory and abysmal lows which manifested in debilitating anxiety disorders and a failed suicide attempt, his own transformation and healing journey glowingly reflects in his book.

The earned practical wisdom on anxiety recovery, empowered mental health and spiritual growth and gush of vibrant mental energy bonds the reader as she or he embarks on their own progressive path of anxiety recovery. 

The book shows how as mentioned in the author’s words, ‘the mind is no longer the body, it leads the body’ Simsek shows why it is necessary to tap into the inner workings of our most valuable asset, our brain, and use it to push beyond our fears, to express rather than suppress; and emerge liberated and invincible. 

‘Beyond Anxiety’ contains 13 chapters as a part of the anxiety healing process.

The journey of traversing through these 13 nuggets of information is empowering indeed, but if one has to pick up a pivotal point in the book, it would be a subject called ‘Cooperation Replacing Competition’. It is especially recommended to read these a few times over to get a deeper understanding of how you can not only strengthen your mind but also build your interpersonal skills.  

One of the reasons we fear a particular endeavour is because we connect negative emotions with the said task and load our minds with disempowering thoughts. 

Uncontrolled, the brain’s default response is to overthink and build a perception of threat with regards to that task, and then come up with more reasons and justifications to shy away from doing it.  Dennis (The Anxiety Guy) shows how to strengthen one’s core beliefs through cooperation.  

He talks about a world where there is no separation between the bad and the good but a world where things are connected and synergetic.

Dennis familiarizes us with various ‘laws’ that will give you a sense of empowering connect with people around you and the world, instead of making you intimated with competition.  One of the things that stayed with me is the ‘Law of Rhythm’, which talks about how everything in life has a certain rhythm to it.  And we have to be in the rhythm because this is how we get involved and perform to our fullest, how we become productive, and in return, experience harmony, joy and peace. 

Another section in the book which augurs really well in the anxiety healing process is ‘altering our past’. The Anxiety Guy shows how one can do so by cultivating certain powerful skill sets and how one can use the clarity gained by these exercises to propel us forward. In a nutshell, if you are someone who is looking for freedom from anxiety and want to put yourself in an anxiety healing journey, you will find ‘Beyond Anxiety;’ a very good companion, and easily one of the best books on anxiety.  

Enjoy your reading!

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best books on anxiety

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