TAGP 292: How To Find Your Fun Again While Dealing With Anxiety

May 17, 2021

To find your fun while dealing with anxiety you’re going to have to step out of comfort and into vulnerability. This not only means within the actions you take, but also the mindset you bring to your healing altogether.

I always thought to myself ‘when I overcome anxiety then I’ll start having fun.’ But little did I realize at the time that I needed to introduce fun back into my life before I healed my anxiety for good (here’s a YouTube video breaking down my own journey). It’s certainly a reverse approach to what we have been programmed to believe about healing today. But it is very necessary to stay open to this new approach to healing an anxiety disorder if in fact we’re going to stop coping and start actually healing.

Yes, you can find your fun while dealing with anxiety.

Without fun there can be no healing.

We simply don’t have the capability to tap into the resources that are lying stagnant within us that will help us to re-perceive our fears if there is no fun. This podcast episode goes in a whole other direction, one that may be very new to you. But hey, new is what you want isn’t it? A new life, a new inner feeling, a new state of being, a new identity? Without embracing the new we will never grow as people, so today will be just another stepping stone in your anxiety recovery journey.

find your fun during anxiety

In today’s podcast we will focus on the mindset first which centres around:

  • What holds us back the most as you are looking to find your fun while dealing with anxiety.
  • The age factor and convincing ourselves that we’re too old to start what we’ve always wanted to.
  • Stories around our minds and bodies being too fatigued and overwhelmed to take on fun.

Followed by what we can do in a practical sense starting today which includes:

  • Find your fun by recognizing what you loved doing as a child but never had the chance to pursue it with consistency.
  • Find your fun by recognizing what you’ve put on the shelf so to speak because of anxiety.
  • Find your fun while dealing with anxiety by starting slowly, and listening to your intuitive side over the editing that your mind wants to do to take you out of this new endeavour.

Enjoy todays podcast episode warrior.

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2 comments on “TAGP 292: How To Find Your Fun Again While Dealing With Anxiety

  1. Maryanne May 17, 2021

    What an amazing podcast! I have been waiting for my “anxiety” to heal to start having fun! I won’t do that anymore! Starting today, little by little I will become fun! 🙂